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Whether you are downsizing, looking to purchase your first home or seeking a SUPERB investment property, this is a rare opportunity set for an incredible future..

Home Builders Grant

Provides eligible Buyers $25,000 towards their new home..

First Home Buyers Grant

Provides First Home buyers $15,000 towards their new home..

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Allows eligible First Home Buyers the opportunity to purchase a home sooner with as little as 5% deposit.

First Home Concession

Provides First Home Buyers transfer duty concessions when acquiring their new home.

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For our buyers, purchasing off the plan has many great benefits. One of the most significant advantages,of course, is buying a brand-new property, with brand new fittings and fixtures. Buying off the plan also means a longer time before settlement dates, allowing even more time to get your finances in order.

First home buyers have great Government incentives available to enable you to buy sooner. You can receive $15,000 with the Qld First Home Owners’ Grant towards buying your brand-new apartment at Discovery Apartments Helensvale. Stamp duty concessions & the Qld First Home Buyers Deposit Loan Scheme are also available to you ! Also ask about the $25,000 Builders Grant !

Buying off-the-plan gives you time to make all the appropriate applications for the grants and also offers first home buyers advantages not accessible when purchasing a second-hand property. Some other benefits is the ability to customise your fixtures and finishes, choices of apartments available, and a much lower deposit requirement.

Discovery Apartments offer a bright future for your property portfolio. Make 2020 your year to buy!


So few investors can tick every box in terms of finding the best investment property that will serve them well into the future.      Great news ! Discovery Apartments offers a SUPERB investment property, one you will be proud of in years to come. The figures stack up & we are the ONLY residence on the Gold Coast with easy tram, train & M1 access where shopping, dining & recreation is on our doorstep ! 

It won’t get more satisfying than snapping up one of these stylish units which will yield significant returns. Let your compound growth machine step up a notch for 2020 in a market that is consistently growing. If you are ready to buy, these magnificent apartments are the perfect addition to your property portfolio.

Brand new apartments have better rent yields than older properties, and in the last five years, Helensvale median apartment sale values have increased 32.0% which equates to a compound annual growth rate of 5.7%. We are one of the top 3 most sought after rental areas on the Gold Coast.

With an undersupply of apartments and high demand in the area, it is indeed a great time and an even better location for investment.


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