The Importance of Choosing the Right Apartment to Ensure Low Ongoing BODY CORPORATE Costs

As any budget conscious buyer of a new car can tell you one of the most important factors to consider is the ongoing running and maintenance costs. It’s the Hummer versus the economy family sedan argument and it’s no different when choosing the next apartment that you’d like to own. Gardens, lifts, pools and exterior window cleaning are high ticket items so if you're in a high rise building that has a concierge, ornate foyers, two large swimming pools, four lifts, lots of floor to ceiling windows and an acre of landscaped gardens surrounding - then it stands to reason that the ongoing maintenance costs are going to be huge - some range from $10,000 to $15,000. For many who enjoy the lifestyle, the ongoing maintenance costs can be incidental,  but to others, they can be crippling and investors will see a diminished rental yield. Ongoing costs, therefore, should be a major factor in the evaluation of an apartment purchase. Discovery Apartments, a low rise apartment building, is being developed with a long term focus on lower operating cost sustainability for owners to keep Body Corporate costs low - an on-site manager, two lifts, one swimming pool, basement parking, rooftop entertaining areas, low maintenance gardens, wholesale electricity - all the good stuff at a low cost. Body Corporate annual cost is based on apartment size within a range (including building insurance and allowance for future renewals) of $2,080 - $3,120 per year. The full item budget is disclosed to buyers. So, if after purchase running costs matter to you, an apartment purchase at Discovery Apartments makes abundant good sense.